Peach Fruit Tart

If I have to pick one pie for the summer, this is it. We live in a small town, fruit is abundant in the summer and fall. A lot of them are supplied by the local farmers and nearby growers. Buy local fruit and Continue reading


Tangy Sweet Lemon Chicken

Here is another sweet and sour dish we love to eat in the summer. I adjust the amount of vinegar and sugar I use depends on how I feel that day. Instead of adding the chicken to the sweet and sour sauce, sometimes I add the sauce to the chicken and then toss it a few times until all the pieces are coated with the sweet and sour sauce. Another fun way to eat the chicken is to dip Continue reading

One Skillet Pepper Mushroom Chicken Fajitas

I first discovered the fajitas flavor from eating out in a restaurant while visiting Nashville. I loved the smoky flavor on sizzling steak and chicken in a hot skillet. Even though there are plenty of Mexican seasonings available in the stores, there are always some spices and herbs I do not like and the flavors are too strong for me. I decided to make some myself,
use only what I like and nothing Continue reading

DIY Fajita Seasoning Mix with Salt

I had a very enjoyable meal while eating out in a local restaurant. I ordered the sizzling combo of chicken and steak fajitas tortilla wraps. The mouthwatering flavor made my taste buds very happy. Since then, I put together this fajita seasoning mix to recreate the same flavor of Mexican food. It is rather simple, you can use the fajita mixture to season chicken, steak, shrimp or vegetable. They all taste delicious. The aroma Continue reading