Chickpea Curry Rice Pilaf and Salmon


Rice and curry are two of my favorite things to eat. This curry rice pilaf quickly became my new go-to-dish. Lynard gives it an A+ for flavor and nutritional value. What impressed me the most is that I don’t have to work very hard to come up with dinners, A++.

As people get older and wiser, everybody wants to eat healthy. Clean eating and simpler lifestyle are the new trends in modern days. Even though fast food still has its attraction, people are more disciplined Continue reading

Eggs and Beancurd Sweet Soup 腐竹雞蛋糖水


This is a popular dessert soup in Hong Kong households. People call it sweet soup (糖水 or tong sui), it literately means sugar water. In Cantonese cuisine, tong sui is a collective term for any sweet, warm soup or creamy dessert generally served at the end of a meal. 糖水 is truly a Cantonese specialty rarely found outside of the Cantonese-speaking communities. Black sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, eggs, beans, almonds, walnuts, fruits, milk, cream, rock sugar and Chinese herbs Continue reading

Sweet Potato New Year Pancakes 番薯年糕


The Lunar New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people in China or other countries. 2017 is the Year of Rooster, begins on January 28. Happy New Year  新年快樂!

It is a long-standing Chinese tradition to make steamed new year cakes to celebrate the new year and bring in good fortunes for the whole year ahead. Although steamed taro cakes and turnip cakes are also considered new year cakes nowadays, the authentic new year cake is just a simple steamed cake made with brown sugar, glutinous rice flour and water. It has a very dense sticky texture and very little flavor. The host family normally serves it to the guests who come to visit Continue reading

Lotus Root Stir-Fry 蓮藕小炒

Although it may seem exotic, lotus root is rather common in Asian markets. Lotus roots are known for their sweet, crunchy texture, not for their flavor. However they look and taste exotic once stir fried with other ingredients.

Under muddy water to support the plant, lotus root is actually the stem of the lotus plant with elegant flowers and big leaves above water. Matured seeds Continue reading

Mushroom and Chicken Rice Bowl 冬菇雞飯

Clay pot rice casserole is a Cantonese staple in Hong Kong as well as in large Chinatown in the U.S. There are many options to choose from, Chinese style sausage 臘味煲仔飯 and chicken mushroom 冬菇滑雞飯 are two of the most favorites. Other choices are beef, lamb, ribs, chicken and sausage: 窩蛋牛肉飯, 枝竹羊腩飯, 北菇排骨飯, 臘腸滑雞飯. Cold winter nights are the best time to enjoy hearty, tasty clay pot rice casserole with your choice of meat. The secret to an authentic Continue reading