DIY Fajita Seasoning Mix with Salt

I had a very enjoyable meal while eating out in a local restaurant. I ordered the sizzling combo of chicken and steak fajitas tortilla wraps. The mouthwatering flavor made my taste buds very happy. Since then, I put together this fajita seasoning mix to recreate the same flavor of Mexican food. It is rather simple, you can use the fajita mixture to season chicken, steak, shrimp or vegetable. They all taste delicious. The aroma Continue reading


DIY Salt and Pepper Seasoning Mix

Salt and pepper are widely used to season just about everything in cooking, from fish to meat, veggie to dessert. Without them even the most expensive ingredients will become tasteless. I put together a small batch of this all-purpose seasoning mix in a recycled jar.
It is a quick way to season fish and meat. Adding one or two Continue reading