Red Lobster Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Uncover the secrets of restaurant-style biscuits. Make these fluffy, cheesy, garlic biscuits whenever you crave for that buttery taste. Eat one, eat two, or three, don’t stop there. How delightful to have warm, homemade biscuits coming Continue reading


Japanese Curry Rice 日本咖喱雞飯

Everybody has their own way to cook curry. The best way to cook curry is to customize the curry flavor to suit your taste buds. Some people like it very hot, some people prefer Indian curry, others like Vetnamese curry. The more interesting way is to combine two or three different curry together in a dish, like Indian yellow curry powder and Vetnamese curry paste, Indian curry powder and Japanese curry sauce mix. Not to limit your option, curry is available Continue reading

Irresistible Crisp Oatmeal Cookies

When it comes to cookie, I prefer thin and crispy. Cake-like cookies are never my choice. After failing many attempts of making crispy oatmeal cookies, I was frustrated and don’t know what else to try. Thanks to Google, my bruised ego finally got rescued.

These delicate oatmeal cookies are deliciously irresistible, it is hard to just eat one. Light, crispy, buttery and thin. Continue reading

35-Minute Summer Veggie Chicken Soup

As our summer crops are being harvested in the garden, we have fresh veggie for dinner everyday. This delicious soup is perfect to serve with your summer meals. The vegetables are cooked until just tender to retain their fresh flavor and texture. Although bitter melon tastes a little bitter, it pairs well with the sweet summer corns. If your garden produces different types of vegetables, not a problem. Use Continue reading

Lipton Iced Tea with Ginger Flavor

I can’t believe I am making iced tea at home when bottled iced tea is readily available in every store. As much as I like the convenience of bottled iced tea, the overly sweet but lacking tea flavor sugary drink had me thinking otherwise. The idea of a refreshing pitcher of iced tea made just the way I like it become a reality in less time than going to the store. Making iced tea is so easy, you can Continue reading

Deluxe Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I remember how excited I was the first time I made zucchini bread. It was dense and heavy, but tasted pretty good. It made me proud for awhile. All those baker’s mistakes did not stop me from making more bad zucchini bread… until I discovered banana bread. Wow, what a lovely, sweet, delicious bread. I quickly dumped my love for zucchini and start making banana bread instead. Continue reading

Spicy Ma Po Tofu with Turkey 麻婆豆腐

Ma po tofu is a Szechuan dish 四川菜 that is widely popular in Asia and other countries. Although the ingredients and cooking methods are slightly different from one food culture to the other, but the concept is always the same:  tofu cubes, ground pork, and lots of spicy aromatic flavor. Traditionally people like to use peppercorn to spice up the dish at the end. It is very hot and Continue reading