About Soups Ahoy 2015

We are just a couple of oldies retired to a small town living as healthy and productive as we know how. Our main goal here is to share with you some comfort food that is easy to eat and not too complicated to prepare. We also talk about some senior issues that are news worthy to me. (Fair warning: crazy topics may come out of the blue. Weird things happen. If you do not care for the subject, toss it with good humors.) I like to call this our mission to promote clean food that are healthy to our body and soul. We eat mostly Chinese food and American food, or anything that’s fast and delicious.

Here we are muddling through our days with simple cooking, beautiful gardening, grocery shopping and silly conversations. A little Western cuisine, a little babbling about food and health, and a lot of my not-so-traditional Chinese cuisine. Some people like to call it fusion. I call it food. Authenticity is overrated in today’s fast changing food culture. Food is food, who cares how ancient Chinese cooked their food hundreds of years ago when gas stoves were unheard of. They had century old eggs. But I bet they did not have premium soy sauce back then. I have it in my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I like to eat traditional food when I have time to drive four hours to get real Chinese food in Chinatown. (I don’t have family recipes passed down to me, I cook it in my own way.)

Stick around and see how I serve up some amazing dishes when creativity strikes. As long as we eat it instead of throwing it into the trash, I call it good food. But of course when things go wrong we head to the closest pizza place for help.

“Welcome to Marco’s, what would you like to order today?”

“Extra large pizza with everything on it. Are those Buffalo wings? I want that too.”

Leslie (me) who is the bossy lady in the house because she can speak two languages, fluent in Cantonese, not too shabby in English, poor in Mandarin. She is the chef in our family, or so she said. Don’t get her upset unless you want to go to bed hungry. Leslie is a no non-sense woman, strong willed, stubborn as hell, but always within reasons.

Lynard (husband) who is the handyman in the house. Over the years he had fixed leaky toilets, broken windows, squeaking floor and damaged trees. He is also a computer junkie, crazy about all the tricks and pix he learned from the tech world. He is the proud owner of http://www.tgblogger.com Talk about multitasking. Lynard is the food critic in our kitchen. He prefers eating cereal rather than Peking duck. Picky, picky. Ever since he told me catfish tasted like sewer water, I can’t eat catfish anymore.

I suppose I should do more. But that’s it for today.

“Lynard, did you see my glasses? I have to go check the weather.”