Lipton Iced Tea with Ginger Flavor

I can’t believe I am making iced tea at home when bottled iced tea is readily available in every store. As much as I like the convenience of bottled iced tea, the overly sweet but lacking tea flavor sugary drink had me thinking otherwise. The idea of a refreshing pitcher of iced tea made just the way I like it become a reality in less time than going to the store. Making iced tea is so easy, you can Continue reading


Roasted Chicken Bitter Melon Soup

Our vegetable garden is doing pretty good so far. We have been picking long beans, bitter melons, peppers and tomatoes. Lynard our home gardener installed an automatic watering system to keep the plants happy all season long. The golden jubilee yellow tomatoes are so pretty. It is nice Continue reading

Deluxe Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I remember how excited I was the first time I made zucchini bread. It was dense and heavy, but tasted pretty good. It made me proud for awhile. All those baker’s mistakes did not stop me from making more bad zucchini bread… until I discovered banana bread. Wow, what a lovely, sweet, delicious bread. I quickly dumped my love for zucchini and start making banana bread instead. Continue reading