Sweet Pea Ginger Rice Pilaf and Pork Chop

Spring is already making its marks on trees and flowers. This simple rice pilaf is a lovely dish to start the season. 豌豆蔥油飯 is not only easy to make, but also very pretty and good for you. It is my favorite dish for Easter. No skill no fear, all you need to know is how to cook rice in Continue reading


Fish and Tofu in Soybean Sauce


Preserved yellow soybean paste 黃豆醬 is every Chinese household’s must-have kitchen staple. There are many varieties to choose from, it depends on your own taste and what’s available in the local stores. Some are from China, others are from Taiwan, Korean or other countries. 普寧豆醬 (made in China) Continue reading

Chickpea Curry Rice Pilaf and Salmon


Rice and curry are two of my favorite things to eat. This curry rice pilaf quickly became my new go-to-dish. Lynard gives it an A+ for flavor and nutritional value. What impressed me the most is that I don’t have to work very hard to come up with dinners, A++.

As people get older and wiser, everybody wants to eat healthy. Clean eating and simpler lifestyle are the new trends in modern days. Even though fast food still has its attraction, people are more disciplined Continue reading