Eggs and Beancurd Sweet Soup 腐竹雞蛋糖水


This is a popular dessert soup in Hong Kong households. People call it sweet soup (糖水 or tong sui), it literately means sugar water. In Cantonese cuisine, tong sui is a collective term for any sweet, warm soup or creamy dessert generally served at the end of a meal. 糖水 is truly a Cantonese specialty rarely found outside of the Cantonese-speaking communities. Black sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, eggs, beans, almonds, walnuts, fruits, milk, cream, rock sugar and Chinese herbs are often seen in sweet soup.

There are only four easy ingredients in the recipe:  beancurd, eggs, sugar and water. 腐竹雞蛋糖水 is a beautiful dessert soup to serve on New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. People enjoy it all year round.

Eggs and beancurd sweet soup 腐竹雞蛋糖水 is so easy to make and so delightful to eat. Women consider this as a beauty soup because it is good for the skin. With the heat on all day long during the winter months, the air is very dry. A bowl of sweet soup is a welcoming relief to my dry throat. The rock sugar is the star in this soup. You can use regular sugar instead. Chinese people love yellow rock sugar (candy) when it comes to cooking.


Eggs and beancurd sweet soup 腐竹雞蛋糖水






Eggs and Beancurd Sweet Soup 腐竹雞蛋糖水

  • Servings: 3 to 4 | Recipe by Leslie at Soups Ahoy
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This is a lovely dessert soup popular in Hong Kong.

Eggs and Beancurd Sweet Soup 腐竹雞蛋糖水

3 sheets dry beancurd  (I use 三邊腐竹.)
1 big chunk yellow rock sugar (candy), as needed
1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
6 cups water, 2 large eggs, beaten
Optional:  Also add boiled eggs to the soup if you like.


Break up beancurd sheets into big pieces, soak in water for 30 minutes. Then rinse, drain, set aside.

In a pot, add water, sugar and salt, cook until boiling. Add beancurd, cook 10 minutes until soft, stir a few times. Add vanilla extract. Slowly add beaten eggs while stirring the soup in one direction, cook until set, about 1 minute. You can also add boiled eggs for an extra special dessert. Serve hot, delicious.


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