Mushroom Rice Pilaf and Tuna Egg Foo Young


Okay, this is not exactly a traditional Chinese dish. However it is my latest creation of a simple meal. Without a lot of fuzz in the kitchen and fancy ingredients, an impressive healthy dinner is ready in no time. I normally like to pan fry a sunny side up egg, put it on top of the rice pilaf and then drizzle with Continue reading


Cinnamon Orange Candied Sweet Potatoes


When it comes to sweet potato, there are no cultural barriers, no rich and poor differences. In China and other Asian countries, people consume plenty of sweet potatoes each year. Western countries such as England and America, people make sweet potato fries, cakes, puddings, biscuits, pies, bread, salad, soup… Continue reading

Fancy Ginger Spice Cookies


Christmas is the season for cookies, lots of cookies, different kinds, different shapes, different flavors, different colors. No doubt, cookies are globally popular, no matter what part of the world. In my household, we don’t need any excuses, we make cookies whenever we want. This year I revisited a ginger cookie recipe and made it much better. My child-like excitement grows when the warm, holiday Continue reading