Homestyle Pork Bean Chili with Cornbread


Following the shorter days and cooler weather, it is time for some serious comfort food. A steaming chili bowl is exactly what I need to warm up the body and soul. Not to brag about it, but this pork and bean chili is heavenly good to the last drop. I always make extra so I can freeze some for those unexpected cold days. Homemade taste chili mixes are the best. For this recipe I use Continue reading


Jiffy Cornbread


Cornbread has long been a southern staple, it is part of a meal. For me, cornbread is a winter wonder bread. That golden, crusty, bread like texture is a delicious comfort food true and true. I have to admit, I am fairly new to the dish. Lynard on the other hand, he can have cornbread everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter how cold the weather is, a pot of steaming chili Continue reading

Curried Chicken Tomato 蕃茄咖哩雞


This is a sweet, savory dish we love very much. I never thought about putting curry and tomato together in a dish, the flavor is amazing. Curried Chicken Tomato 蕃茄咖哩雞 will bring out your appetite in hot summer days or long gloomy days. Unlike what people think, curry is not spicy at all. However it has a spicy flavor. Curry has a mild, distinctive aroma that can turn any dish into something special.

I like Indian yellow curry powder better than Vietnamese curry paste or Japanese curry cubes. Be sure to read the labels, some of them are very spicy and Continue reading