Spicy Asian Long Beans

Spicy Long Beans pic3

After a couple months of planting, watering, taking out weeds, our vegetable garden is blooming with flowers and fruits. We continue to grow Chinese long beans and bitter melons since we like them so much. They are producing good crops despite the extremely hot weather. Every 2 to 4 days, Continue reading


Quick and Easy BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

 BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich
BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Summer is all about eating barbecue and grilled food, that’s if you have a lot of time. But honestly, why do we have to wait until holidays to do barbecue? We should be able to make barbecue food any time we want, even on those crazy, busy weekdays. How about taking a barbecue pulled chicken sandwich to work, or pack a lunch bag for the kids to school. This semi-homemade dish is better and cheaper than Chinese take-out. I wish I had thought about it when I was working. Great for the kids birthday party too.  Continue reading

How to Make Vegetable Chicken Soup

 Homemade Vegetable Chicken Soup
Homemade Vegetable Chicken Soup  時菜雞湯

There is no right or wrong when it comes to making chicken soup, everybody has a family recipe making chicken soup. Some people like hearty soup with lots of meat and starch such as beans, pasta or potatoes. I like soup with plenty of liquid. The delicious broth is what I like the most in a soup. There are all kinds of recipes for making good soup, I especially like the Chinese style broth soup. But after years of home cooking, Continue reading

Golden Pineapple Bread Pudding

Pineapple Bread Pudding pic1

Sweet bread pudding is a popular southern dessert, made with old bread, milk, cream and eggs, adding butter, sugar, rum and dried fruit for sweet and flavor. The type of bread used in the recipe generally affect the taste and texture. Regular white bread is a traditional choice for making bread pudding. French bread, Italian bread, challah bread, brioche bread and cinnamon rolls are good options Continue reading