Personality Traits Lead to Longevity


It is not a secret that while we are unwillingly accepting the grim realities of aging, we often hope for longevity. Aside from the well known factors of healthy diets, regular exercise, no smoke and alcohol, scientists suggested that certain personality traits may also contribute to enjoying that favorite, cranky recliner for many more years to come.

Conscientious, meaning people who were less likely to take risks but also tended to be more thorough and efficient, lived longer.

Openness also emerged as a trait that was linked with a long life, second to conscientiousness. Men who were willing to lend an ear to new and different ideas, feelings, and concepts, tended to live longer than other men in the study.

Emotional stability was the trait with the strongest links to a long life for women. Mood swings and drama can be toxic.

Friendliness or agreeableness was the second trait linked with a long life for women.

The study also found that its 95 to 100 years old participants who were more easy-going, expressed their emotions openly with one another and like to laugh more often, tended to live longer and happier.


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