Skillet Chicken in Tomato Sauce

Valentine's Dinner pic4

This is a gorgeous simple dish, tasty and beautiful. You only need enough tomato sauce to generously coat the chicken, a deliciously good looking dish perfect for everyday meals and special occasions. The recipe is great for making shrimp and tilapia fillets as well. In Hong Kong, a popular Cantonese cuisine 茄汁煎大蝦 (ketchup shrimp) is done almost the same way. The lovely sweet and sour Continue reading


Rotisserie Chicken Pot Stickers 鍋貼

Potstickers pic6

For foodies, the most fun part of Chinese New Year is making different types of dumplings and pot stickers. The kitchen becomes a popular place in the house. Two, three generations sit around the family table, everybody has a job. The more skilled older generation roll out the dough and shape into thin wrappers, while others spoon the filling and wrap dumplings. The younger ones usually are running around the table, curiously observing what people are making. If they are old enough, Continue reading

Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots

Roast Chicken pic6

Chicken is a classic good luck food in Chinese culture. it is a Chinese New Year tradition to cook and serve a whole chicken, symbolizing joy and prosperity for the New Year. It also means togetherness of the family.

Instead of a boiled or steamed chicken, I am making a golden delicious roast chicken with potatoes and carrots for a time saver one-pot meal. It is also a wonderful make-ahead dish. If you have a small family like me and Lynard, this super elegant and super tasty chicken dinner is perfect for Continue reading

Buttermilk Orange Pound Cake for New Year

Orange Cake pic1

Oranges and tangerines are popular good luck fruits among Chinese people. The golden citrusy fruits symbolize wealth, good fortune, good health, prosperity, and abundant happiness. During the Chinese New Year holidays, people often serve oranges and tangerines to their guests when they come to visit, happiness for everybody.

Traditionally people like to make Chinese New Year cakes with glutinous rice flour and dark brown sugar. It is pronounced “nian gao 年糕” in Chinese, which means rising higher and higher each year, favorite blessings for kids who are Continue reading