Fermented Black Bean Zucchini Stir Fry

Zucchini Stir Fry pic3

Zucchini has become one of my all-time favorite vegetables in recent years. They are available all year in supermarkets, especially in the summer when they are at their best. Since we are not getting younger anymore, we appreciate food that are tender, easy to prepare, easy to eat Continue reading


Cashew Tuna Cakes

Cashew Tuna Cakes pic3

A light and flavorful dish with lots of proteins to kick off the day. We had this for breakfast on Christmas Eve and we loved it. You can make it into a sandwich for lunch. Or have soup and sandwich for dinner.

We were amazed at how tasty this little meal was. Canned Tuna and Continue reading

Chicken Soup with Korean Radish 蘿蔔雞湯

Radish Soup pic2

There is a very important Chinese holiday called 冬至 (Winter Solstice) on December 22 every year. Dongzhi 冬至 is much like Thanksgiving in Western culture, an end-of-harvest celebration. Cantonese people think 冬至 is even more important than Chinese New Year on the Chinese calendar. This is the time for family reunion, exchange good wishes and eat lots and lots of delicious food. Today I will make my favorite soup 蘿蔔雞湯 for the happy occasion. Traditionally Chinese people eat wantons, dumplings or glutinous rice balls to symbolize the meaning of reunion.

Korean radish is big, juicy and sweet with a firm crunchy texture, perfect for making soup with chicken or beef in the winter time. I often pick the smaller ones that weight about two to three pounds. This is a great everyday soup to keep you warm. I also make it for Chinese New Year. Korean radish is much bigger and heavier than the carrot shaped daikon. It has a rounded oblong shape. Like most radishes and diakons, Continue reading