Blueberries and Apples Power Muffins

Blueberry Apple Muffins pic2 Any experienced baker will tell you that it is a challenge to make cakes with fruits because of the fruit juice. Too much moisture can make the cake dense or soggy, not pretty at all. Worst if the cake doesn’t rise properly.

I tested this recipe three times before I finally got it right. In the beginning I added too much flour and I used butter instead of canola oil, which made the muffins very heavy. It also lacked flavor. After a couple testings, Continue reading


Chicken with Bell Pepper in Black Bean Sauce

Stir Fried Chicken Pepper Black Bean pic2

You can make a relatively fast and delicious meal by just knowing a few basic cooking techniques and using simple ingredients. That said, stir-fry is simple and fast. All you need is to put everything into a hot skillet with hot oil and stir together. Use your nose to guide you. If it smells good then it is almost done. Season the dish as you go, salt, black pepper, sherry wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, sesame oil, just to name a few.

This is a classic, everyday Chinese dish using black bean sauce. People cook it all the time because it is easy to make and it tastes really good, perfect to eat with steamed rice. It is similar to Continue reading

Black Bean Chili Sauce and Oil

Black Bean Chili Oil pic8

Many Chinese home cooks like to make black bean chili sauce at home. And so I created this recipe, using no secret ingredients or special techniques. Who could guess I only use one Chinese ingredient to make this incredibly flavorful Asian condiment. It can instantly turn your ordinary dishes into awesome gourmets when added to ribs, beef, fish, chicken and stir-fries. The slightly smoked flavor from the salty black beans makes everything tasty. The chili oil adds Continue reading