Hong Kong Style French Toast (西多士)

HK French Toast

Anybody who has a sweet tooth have tried French Toast before. A lot of them know how to make French Toast at home. There are so many varieties of French Toast from different cultures. Their use of different toppings and fillings are both creative and delicious in every bite. People crave for this dessert no matter how it is made. It is just that magical.

I have good memories of Hong Kong Style French Toast. It was one of the few luxury treats I could afford back then. Whenever I needed to treat myself to something special,
I would go to this café restaurant Continue reading


Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Joy

Eastern Redbud
Eastern Redbud

There are two kinds of people in this world. One kind of people will cheer you on when you are working hard and be really proud of you when you are succeeded. The other kind of people go the complete opposite, they can’t stand it when you want to better yourself. So they keep criticizing on everything you do until you firmly believed that you are a complete failure.

Don’t let anybody steal your joy! Embrace yourself and the things your do. Celebrate everyday with fresh ideas and renewed energy. Go for a walk, talk to the neighbors, plant a tree, write a poem, tell a joke, create a blog… Life is good.

Lettuce with Oyster Sauce (蠔油生菜)

Lettuce Oyster Sauce pic1

Technically this is not even a recipe because it is so easy to make. But that’s exactly the reason I love it so much. Whenever I want to add some green to my dinner table in a hurry, this is the one to go. In Western culture people like to eat raw lettuce in salads or something like that, which is wonderful by the way. But I don’t care for cold food and raw food that much. That said, I do like eating lettuce every now and then. I like the lovely crunchiness and sweetness. I was surprised to find Continue reading